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Pick of the Week: Newsboys' Devotion

  • 2005 4 Jan
Pick of the Week: Newsboys' Devotion

Title: Devotion

Artist: Newsboys

Label: EMI

Quote: Commenting on the spiritual nature of the progression from Adoration to devotion, Furler said, “It’s the next step, isn’t it? You adore something, and then the next step is that you can become devoted to it. Adoration…isn’t quite enough, and I think devotion is moving one step further. It’s a process.”

FYI: Longtime newsboys guitarist Jody Davis left this year to devote more time to his wife and their special needs child. A new guitarist, Bryan Olesen, has recently joined the band, but for the recording of Devotion, special guests Stu G. (Delirious) and Jon Ellis (Tree63) contributed their stellar string work.

The Bottom Line: 2003’s Adoration: The Worship Album signaled the transformation, winning awards and selling half a million copies in the process. Now, Devotion continues the simplification process, sounding even better than its predecessor, and offering humbly transparent lyrics and U2-esque, acoustic driven anthems that are built to last. Newsboys really deliver with Devotion. The veteran group is recommitted, refreshed, and all the more artistically relevant in this newfound worshipful approach to its music.

Featuring: First radio single “Presence (My Heart’s Desire),” “Blessed By Your Name” (with Rebecca St. James), emotive piano ballad “The Orphan” with thought provoking lyrics from Steve Taylor, and up-to-the-minute energized renditions of two recently released Tim Hughes tracks, “Name Above All Names” and “When The Tears Fall.”

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