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"Air Rage" Is Perfect for the Adventure-Minded Reader

  • 2004 4 Nov
"Air Rage" Is Perfect for the Adventure-Minded Reader

Author:       Sam Yarney
Publisher:   Victor Newman Books

I went to Kroger the other day to pick up some milk and bread.  I noticed that the bag clerk looked at me in an odd sort of way.  His shirt collar was a bit askew.  I made a mental note.  On the way to my car, an empty grocery cart came rolling down the hill headed straight for me!  I jumped aside as it whizzed by, nearly escaping a catastrophic bruise, and watched as it crashed into the light pole behind me.  But wait, the light on the pole was flickering, yet it was only 3:00 in the afternoon.  Did it foretell pending doom?

I won’t say that reading "Air Rage" will make you an international spy, but it might make you a nervous nellie.  The world is a dangerous place in Sam Yarney’s newest novel, and none of life’s details are too small to go unnoticed.  Multiple bad guys try to take down the forces of good, represented by swashbuckling British journalist Cyrus Anderson.  Anderson lives in conflict between his love for world adventure and love for his family.  OK, we can all identify with part of that.  But this is not your garden-variety international spy caper, for Anderson is led not only by a Jack Ryan-like visceral instinct for good and bad, but Anderson seeks God’s direction in all he does.  He’s got a rock solid prayer chain anchored by a fabulous wife and friends who pray him through all manner of wild stuff.

I’m betting that "Air Rage" author Sam Yarney has a bit of Cyrus Anderson in him.  Yarney is an international businessman, and he is active in several Christian organizations in England, where he lives.  While "Air Rage" reads like a good novel, fast paced and entertaining, I bet there is a bit of reality behind that which Yarney serves up.

"Air Rage" is the second book of a trilogy from Sam Yarney.  Its predecessor, "Ninety Days," was published in 2002, and this is where we first meet Cyrus Anderson as he trots the globe to save it from heinous bad guys.  The conclusion to "Air Rage" certainly leaves room for a one whopping conclusion.

I’ll not give away the plot for "Air Rage," but I will tell you it has a frightful air of plausibility.  Unlike many books of this genre, "Air Rage" is not over the top or so rich with detail that it takes weeks to read.  But I will warn you of this, once you’ve read "Air Rage," you’ll never look at grocery clerks quite the same way.  OK, OK, I’m exaggerating about grocery clerks, but it’s no exaggeration to say that you’ll love this book!   "Air Rage" is a perfect Christmas gift for that adventure-minded reader on your Christmas list.