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Author Helps Science-Minded Skeptics Discover Faith

  • 2004 13 Jul
Author Helps Science-Minded Skeptics Discover Faith

A new book written by a Texas Technological University professor trained in empirical science targets the strong-willed, spiritually-challenged person who has a hard time arriving at faith.

In " Seeking God in the 21st Century" (Mead Publishing, 2003), Dr. Jim Wetherbe provides an approach that allows an individual to draw conclusions about the existence of God based on what one can reason and experience. But at the same time, the author builds a biblically consistent case for believing.

Wetherbe, who has spent more than 30 years in academia and industry and lectured worldwide on management and information technology, says at one time in his life he approached the things of God with great skepticism. Before he became a Christian he was skeptical about many things that seemed to be believed by others without much difficulty, he says.

In, the scientist and academician makes use of his basically skeptical nature, using it to answer questions often posed by those who have no faith in god. "In my book, I offer an approach for someone who likes to think logically and likes to base things upon what they can see and observe," he says.

He acknowledges that this approach does not work for everyone. "If that isn't the way for you, then keep looking for other ways," he advises, "because you're trying to build a bridge from non-faith to faith. I think the most important thing is to never give up seeking God. The more you seek, the better you'll understand."

And toward the objective of helping post-moderns understand the quest for faith, Wetherbe extends throughout the book a highly relevant 21st Century metaphor: the Internet. "If I were to tell you 30 years ago about the Internet, you'd have a hard time believing what I was describing could possibly be true. Similarly, the concept of an omnipresent, invisible God that can have enormous wisdom and capability to add to your life is a real intellectual stretch," he says.

"But," the author continues, "as the Bible says, you have to seek and you will find. And just like with your PC, you have to decide to go 'online.' You have to make the decision to try to make that connection."

And, Wetherbe adds, just as computer users need to guard themselves against viruses and offers that often come disguised in the form of a friendly message or greeting, individuals need to guard themselves spiritually. Like cyber-surfers, those seeking to live for God must be wary of all kinds of evil thoughts and temptations that may seem good at first but can ultimately lead to destruction.

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