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Author Says It's Time GOP Fought Back Against Liberals

  • 2003 4 Nov
Author Says It's Time GOP Fought Back Against Liberals

A best-selling writer and political analyst says Senate Republicans need to stop being "nice guys" and take decisive action to end the filibusters being used by Democrats to block President Bush's judicial nominees.

Author David Limbaugh recently released a new book titled "Persecution: How Liberals Are Waging War Against Christianity" (Regnery, 2003). The conservative commentator, who is also a practicing attorney, says one front of that war involves the Democrats' continued use of the filibuster to thwart the confirmation of federal judges nominated by Bush.

Limbaugh says it is time the Republicans responded to Democrats' blocking tactics. He feels GOP politicians have been too passive too long. The author says Republicans are "paying lip service to fighting back; but I think they ought to employ the so-called 'nuclear option' – which I don't even think is a big deal – to change the rules concerning filibusters."

According to Limbaugh, the Republicans get blamed, vilified, and demonized just as much when they play the roles of "nice guys" as they do when they fight back, so he feels they should stop holding back. He says Republicans "need to play with the same kind of intensity that the Democrats play with."

The outspoken pundit believes Democrats' tactics are all about winning. "This is a game to them – a war – not a matter of persuasion," he says. "They're not even considering the other side. And they talk about open-mindedness?"

Limbaugh says that in truth it is Democrats who "are the ones who are intolerant and closed-minded when you compare them to Christian conservatives."

In addition to expressing his concerns about Democrats' obstructionism and other political tactics, Limbaugh's Persecution documents how liberals across the U.S. are waging sometimes subtle but nonetheless all-out warfare against Christianity through culture, through the government, and through the educational system.


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