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Author: U.S. Must Stop Catering to Saudi Arabia

  • 2004 30 Aug
Author:  U.S. Must Stop Catering to Saudi Arabia

The author of a bestseller on current events and biblical prophecy says it is time for the United States to cut its dependence on oil from the Arab world.

In his book "The American Prophecies: Ancient Scriptures Reveal Our Nation's Future" (Warner Faith, 2004), Michael Evans writes that biblical prophets have predicted the collapse of America, unless the government stops accommodating the Arab world for the sake of oil. He is convinced that the Arab world is manipulating the U.S., both economically and politically, and particularly wants to prevent George W. Bush from having another four years in the White House.

Evans says the Arabs are "trying to bump the oil up to $50 a barrel plus because they know it's wrecking our economy, and they know that's what caused [Bush's] father to lose his second term. They don't want Bush re-elected. Why? Because they want Clinton hangovers."

According to Evans, a John Kerry administration would favor negotiations with terrorists as opposed to military action. But the author says the U.S. cannot keep accommodating Saudi Arabia. On the contrary, he says, it is time the U.S. started demanding that the Saudi government stop persecuting Christians.

The Christian journalist and author recounts a visit to Saudi Arabia a few years ago, when he tried to witness to a government official. "I was over in Saudi Arabia with Mohammed Khalid, Commander in Chief of the Saudi Royal Air Force, in 1991," he says, "and I was talking to him about the Lord Jesus Christ. He said. 'Are you trying to convert me?' I said, 'Sure,' and he said, 'Let me show you where we cut off heads on Thursdays for that.'"

In "The American Prophecies," Evans contends that the U.S. is courting ruin by trying to accommodate Saudi Arabia, by swallowing the myth of Islam as a peaceful religion, and by wavering "between oil, political expedience, and conscience. He also writes that America is risking God's wrath by not fully supporting Israel in its struggle with Palestine over the Holy Land.

The author puts this conflict in prophetic context as a clash between the descendants of the biblical brothers Ishmael and Isaac. He warns that America's "decisions and polices concerning these two brothers ... will determine whether the United States will survive or go the way of the Roman Empire."

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