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Book Illustrates Path to Destiny with Biblical Dreamer

  • 2005 2 Jun
Book Illustrates Path to Destiny with Biblical Dreamer

Pastor Robert Morris says most Christians never see their dreams come to pass, and thus never fulfill the destiny God has in store for them. But in his new book, "From Dream to Destiny: The Ten Tests You Must Go Through to Fulfill God's Purpose for Your Life" (Regal Books), the author uses the example of Joseph in the Old Testament to show how God gives people a dream and then, through character-building trials, equips them to realize it.

Morris, who pastors Gateway Church of Southlake, Texas, believes every Christian is destined to fulfill an important purpose in the divine plan. "Because we serve a great God," he says, "we have a great destiny. Because we serve a big God, we have a big destiny. And God really does want you to succeed in that destiny. And that's why I really believe that you need to study scripture."

The Texas minister points out that the Bible is filled with characters like Joseph, who received a dream from God, but then had to go through trials that further shaped and prepared them to fulfill their destiny. "The whole purpose of the devil coming against us," Morris says, "is not just because he hates us but because he wants to render us powerless on this Earth to not be able to do what God wants us to do."

The Creator expects all believers to find their purpose in life, Morris contends, and toward that end, they are endowed with gifts. "God gifts us to be able to fulfill the specific destiny he has for us," the author asserts. "You know, you look at trees, and they literally are gifted to fulfill a function on this Earth. So is every animal. Everything God created has a purpose."

The best way for a believer to find out what his or her specific purpose in life is, Morris adds, is for each person to see what his or her true gifts are, "because our gifts line up with exactly what God's called us to do." And, as the subtitle of "From Dreams to Destiny" promises, the author describes ten tests that he says believers must go through to fulfill their divinely appointed destiny.

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