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"Every Woman's Battle" - Book Review

  • Janet Chismar Contributor
  • 2003 1 Nov
"Every Woman's Battle" - Book Review

Author:      Shannon Ethridge
Publisher:  WaterBrook Press

In "Every Woman’s Battle," Shannon Ethridge candidly addresses the unique aspects of female sexuality without sounding judgmental or critical. And this isn’t a book for the timid as Ethridge talks about masturbation, adultery and fornication without even blushing.

By bringing these topics out in the open, she shows women they are not alone in their struggles – which is especially important for Christian women who often deal with an added dose of shame.

Most importantly "Every Woman’s Battle" outlines a plan for victory, based on Scripture and common sense. Ethridge directs readers to establish an intimate relationship with the Lord as the starting point, then gives suggestions on avoiding dangerous comparisons and mindless flirtations. Whether you are married or still waiting for your proverbial knight in shining armor, "Every Woman’s Battle" is a valuable read.


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