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Trilogy Ends with Blue Skies Tomorrow

  • Susan Ellingburg Contributing Writer
  • 2011 3 Oct
Trilogy Ends with <i>Blue Skies Tomorrow</i>

Author: Sarah Sundin
Title: Blue Skies Tomorrow
Publisher: Revell

Things are not always what they seem . . . and no one knows that better than Helen Carlisle. As far as her small California town knows, Helen is the model war widow, burying her inconsolable grief over the death of her hometown hero husband by organizing the war effort on the home front. Her loving in-laws help with Helen’s small son and the little family bravely bands together to deal with their loss.

The truth is another story altogether. No one seems to notice that “accident-prone” Helen hasn’t had any accidents since her husband sailed away with the Navy. No one questions the iron fist with which her father-in-law controls Helen’s money—and her life. (To be fair, it is the 1940s when women had very few rights to begin with.) But the strain of keeping up appearances is taking its toll and Helen’s façade is beginning to crumble around the edges.

Enter Lieutenant Ray Novak. Youngest of the three Novak boys, Ray has a cushy job training B-17 pilots stateside. He’s a gentle soul with the heart of a pastor and a nagging sense that in the courage department he—unlike his brothers—is lacking in “the right stuff.” Ray may be Helen’s knight in shining armor, but this reluctant warrior will have to face his demons before he can claim the hand of his lady fair. (Assuming he manages to survives his battles, of course.)

Meanwhile, Helen has another suitor: a Navy lawyer fighting to correct the unsafe working conditions and unfair treatment of black sailors. He’s a good, honorable man committed to standing up for truth, justice, and the American way . . . or is he? (Bear in mind, things are not always what they seem.)

Packed with romance and adventure, Blue Skies Tomorrow is a beautifully atmospheric story that brings the sites, sounds, and even tastes of World War II (Spam roll up, anyone?) to life. There’s just enough detail to make the past come alive without getting bogged down with too many laborious descriptions. Not only that, it’s peopled with characters who are realistically flawed and completely human. You won’t find any clichéd overnight transformations here: both Ray and Helen have long, hard roads to travel. They’ll have to undergo spiritual, emotional, even physical transformations before it’s all over—and readers will be rooting for both of them every step of the way.

The finale of Sarah Sundin’s WWII-era Wings of Glory trilogy, Blue Skies Tomorrow is a captivating story that offers an unflinching look at the “good old days” that weren’t always so good—and assurance that even when times are hard, God is faithful.

Previous volumes of the Wings of Glory series tell the tales of Ray’s brothers and, judging from the quality storytelling of Blue Skies Tomorrow, you might as well save yourself an extra trip and pick up all three. While you’re at it, pick up a set for any historical/WWII fiction-loving friends. Christmas will be here before you know it!