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"Infertility" - Book Review

  • Whitney Hopler Contributing Writer
  • 2003 28 Jul
"Infertility" - Book Review

Author:     Lois Flowers
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

About one in 10 American couples of childbearing age experience fertility problems, and the anguish they experience cuts to the core of their souls.  Some will go on to successfully conceive and give birth to a healthy child; some will not.  But no matter what the future holds for infertile couples, they all can discover God’s peace in their lives, writes author Lois Flowers in her new book, "Infertility: Finding God’s Peace in the Journey."

Flowers should know.  She and her husband spent several years undergoing tests and high-tech treatments in their quest for a baby – procedures that proved very costly both emotionally and financially.  In the end, Flowers writes, they decided to stop, and exchange their dream of a healthy newborn for God’s different dream for their lives.  But by that time, the suffering they endured had helped them grow in ways they never could have without having experienced it.  God had used it to transform them.

Writing with impressive vulnerability and honesty, Flowers doesn’t deny the incredible pain that she and her husband endured.  And she’s quick to confess the doubts she had toward God and the uncharitable feelings she had toward other people.  Her candidness and sincerity practically reach through the book’s pages and wrap themselves around readers’ hearts.  Infertile spouses who read her words should feel like they have gained a genuine friend in Flowers.

But Flowers is just as convincing when she shares the story of how she and her husband discovered God’s peace.  And when she writes that the spiritual growth she has experienced is an even greater blessing than simply the birth of a biological child, readers can tell that she means it.

As engrossing as Flowers’ own story is, the book would have been even richer if she had included more examples of other people’s experiences with infertility.  It’s always best to present a variety of stories so readers can see other ways God has worked.  But Flowers’ story is so powerful that it’s hard to imagine people reading it without being transformed a bit themselves.


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