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"Let God Surprise You" - Book Review

  • Whitney Hopler Contributing Writer
  • 2003 7 May
"Let God Surprise You" - Book Review

Authors:   Heather Whitestone McCallum and Angela Hunt
Publisher: Zondervan

Many people believe that God exists, yet sometimes find themselves struggling to believe in His goodness and power enough to pursue their dreams.  One each page, the new book "Let God Surprise You: Trust God with Your Dreams" motivates readers to enlarge their faith to the point where they can trust God fully with all their dreams and anticipate surprises from His hand.

Told from the perspective of former Miss America Heather Whitestone McCallum (the first deaf woman to win the pageant), "Let God Surprise You" isn’t just a run-of-the-mill celebrity inspirational book.  Thanks to the depth and breadth of its material, the book does far more than simply dispense motivational platitudes.  Each chapter discusses not just McCallum’s own experiences, but also the moving stories of other people and powerful biblical examples.  McCallum and her collaborator, celebrated author Angela Hunt, have done an excellent job with their research, mining poignant and effective stories for the text.

The chapters deal with a myriad of interesting ways God can surprise people – through big dreams, sin, new faith, adversity, deliverance, love, children, provision, ministry, conflict, angels, beauty, healing, and forgiveness.  But even though the book covers lots of different topics, it gives each one the proper attention.

Readers will likely be left with a tangible feeling of hope when they finish the book.  A study or discussion guide at the end could help them translate those hopeful feelings into positive actions in their lives.  But regrettably, the book doesn’t have such a guide.  Still, if readers think and pray about what they read in its pages, they should be well on their way toward embracing a bigger faith in our limitless God.

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