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Looking Good from the Inside Out

  • 2002 18 Sep
<b><i>Looking Good from the Inside Out</b></i>

While many books are quick to emphasize that physical beauty is fleeting and all that's really important is on the inside (tell that to a potential date and see what he says), author Tammy Bennett bravely goes where many books haven't before.   In Looking Good From the Inside Out, she actually affirms teenage girls' desire to be pretty on the outside and provides plenty of useful tips to pave the way to being beautiful inside and out.


In a highly conversational tone that often draws from her mishaps along the way (a chapter on choosing foundation provides some rather entertaining moments), Bennett provides step-by-step instruction complete with handy checklists that'll have you choosing and applying make-up like a pro.   From finding the perfect lipstick to the tricky endeavor of applying blush, she's got it all covered and even contributes a helpful chapter on proper diet and skincare, too.


But unlike the latest issue of Seventeen or YM, Bennett's spiritual reflections add new insight to the beauty debacle.   For each cosmetic used in the makeup application process, she provides a relevant spiritual tie-in.   Without proper care taken in writing, this method could potentially seem cheesy to savvy teenage readers.   But whether she's talking about eyeliner application and challenging girls to to keep your eyes in line with God's plan or mascara and "extending our talents in a way that illuminates praise to God," Bennett manages to strike a good balance that leaves readers with something more than just make-up tips.