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The Power of Crying Out - Book Review

  • Christa Farris Book Reviewer
  • 2002 16 Sep
<i>The Power of Crying Out</i> - Book Review

The act of prayer isn't an exact science.  While a model for how God wants us to pray is provided in the Gospel of Luke in "The Lord's Prayer," Christians still often struggle with how to go about interceding on behalf of those in need and powerfully presenting their own needs to our Heavenly Father.

In The Power of Crying Out, Bill Gothard attempts to address some of those weighty questions.  Using anecdotes and insights on different related Scriptures, Gothard asserts that some situations are so dire that the only way to pray is to cry out with a loud voice.

But how does one go about crying out?  Admitting that advice could feel a little strange or uncomfortable, Gothard tells the story about a friend who'd been reluctant to cry out to God in prayer, and how his prayer life changed dramatically as a result.

While the book provides some powerful testimonies and does a great job of challenging believers to venture beyond our comfort zones in our spiritual journey, some may not be convinced that every believer must cry out for God to listen or that the volume of our voices or the emotional intensity with which we speak will make our prayer lives more effective.  But for some, like the friend Gothard mentioned, this truth may unlock a new dimension in his/her personal prayer experience.

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