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Thrive! - Book Review

  • Whitney Hopler Live It Editor
  • 2003 20 Feb
<i>Thrive!</i> - Book Review

Author:     Carrie Carter, M.D.
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers

Today’s impersonal medical system has made it more difficult than ever before for patients to talk much with their doctors.  Often, doctors feeling time and money pressure will simply diagnose and treat crises rather than help their patients make healthier lifestyle decisions.  So a book that combines the medical knowledge of a doctor with the sincerity and rapport of a friend is a welcome tool for anyone interested in preventive health care.

Thrive!: A Woman’s Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle seeks to help women take concrete steps toward living more abundant lives--the type of full and healthy lives that Jesus says in John 10:10 He wants for everyone.  Written by primary care physician Carrie Carter, the book presents principles for good spiritual, mental, and physical health.  It covers such topics as prayer and positive thinking to manage stress, nutrition, weight control, exercise, disease screening tests, and vitamin and herbal supplements.  Much of the advice Carter dispenses is rather basic, and most readers with common sense would already know they should do what she’s suggesting.  But Carter explains convincingly why those principles are so important.  And she does so with the narrative voice of a friend guiding readers through the information, gently prodding them to take better care of themselves.

The book is thoroughly readable, and the advice is simple enough for readers to actually take and apply to their own lives rather than becoming overwhelmed by it.  Throughout the text, Carter emphasizes the concept of personal choice.  She encourages readers to consider which options are best for them and to be flexible as they integrate their new healthy choices into their lives.

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