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U.S. Has 'Betrayed' Israel in Times Past, Says Author

  • Jim Brown AgapePress
  • 2005 28 Nov
U.S. Has 'Betrayed' Israel in Times Past, Says Author

A Christian author says the United States has betrayed Israel in a major way over the past century.  This betrayal, he says, involves far more than just urging the Jewish state to give portions of its land to the Arabs.

In his new book, "Judgment Day:  Israel, Islam and the Nations," author Dave Hunt argues that the U.S. has the blood of Holocaust victims on its hands.  In 1938, he says, President Franklin D. Roosevelt stated at a meeting in Evian, France, that America would do nothing about Adolf Hitler's plan to exterminate 11 million Jews he had marked out in eastern and western Europe.  The author also documents that in 1944 the German dictator offered 500,000 Hungarian Jews for two dollars apiece, but Roosevelt and the State Department refused to take them in.

The author offers another example.  Hunt says in 1973 – just before the Yom Kippur War – the U.S. knew an Israeli "Pearl Harbor" was coming, yet did nothing, fearing it would upset the Arabs.  "We knew the [very] date – [and] so did the Russians," says Hunt.  "They moved all of their dependents out of there."

And according to Hunt, the National Security Administration sent "dispatch after dispatch" about the impending attack to President Richard Nixon.  "They sat on Nixon's desk.  He would not notify Israel," he says.  "[Nixon's Secretary of State] Henry Kissinger ... hid out for three days in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, incommunicado."

Hunt contends that because of these and many other betrayals of God's chosen people, the Jews, the U.S. is heading for a horrible judgment at Armageddon.  He claims that at that apocalyptic battle God will destroy the nations of the world for accepting "the Arab lie" that Israel is occupying the Palestinians' land.

Hunt acknowledges that the United States has been a "friend" to Israel in some ways – but primarily because of its strategic location. "[T]hey are a buffer between us and the Arabs," he says.  He says it is unfortunate that America's alliance with the Jewish nation is not out of conviction or in obedience to God and to His Word – "even though we claim to have Christians in high office."

Hunt authors a monthly newsletter that is distributed through the Web site for his ministry, The Berean Call.

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