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Women of the Bible

  • Stephanie Ottosen Book Reviewer
  • 2002 9 Sep
<b><i>Women of the Bible</b></i>

For someone who has attended Sunday School as long as I can remember, there are not many Bible stories I don't know well.   So, I was curious if this book would be a mundane refresher course or offer new insight into the lives of the women of the Bible.


The latter, as it turns out, properly describes this book.   Spangler proves adept at choosing well-known and not-so-well-known biblical women and capturing their stories in short, succinct devotionals.   Taking all the biblical information pertinent to each woman, such as cultural background and the history and events surrounding her and her family, Spangler weaves each element into a tale that speaks of trials undergone and lessons learned.   Though frequently adding colorful, fictitious elements to the story's drama, Spangler's attention to detail and to the biblical and cultural accuracy, nonetheless, is quite clear.


Not meant for an in-depth character study, Women of the Bible is perfect, however, for a daily devotional and is actually an abridgement of Spangler's Women of the Bible: A One-Year Devotional Study of Women in Scripture.   Offering the women's stories as well as the relevant scriptures, elements to reflect upon and a prayer, Spangler provides a helpful tool for anyone wanting a fresh perspective on some often overlooked characters of the Bible, as well as insight into how their experiences can be translated into modern lives.