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Anything Else

  • compiled by Jeffrey Overstreet Copyright Christianity Today International
  • 2003 1 Jan
Anything Else
from Film Forum, 09/25/03

Woody Allen's latest film, Anything Else, is being marketed as a teen comedy along the lines of American Pie. Allen appears only in a small part. This time, Jason Biggs (American Wedding) takes lead as Jerry Falk, an agitated New York writer whose interest in an unpredictable girl (Christina Ricci) disillusions him about the grownup world of love.

According to critics, the marketing for the movie is misleading. They describe the film as "Recycled Woody Allen"—cynicism, sarcasm, crass sexual behavior, and neuroticism re–packaged for youngsters.

"Woody may continue to make films which showcase neurotic behavior and dysfunctional relationships," says Michael Elliott (Movie Parables), "but he has long ceased to find anything new or interesting to say about them."

Still, says David DiCerto (CNS) "No one can consistently tell the same joke over and over again and still make it sound as funny as Woody Allen. While his philosophy—atheistic nihilism—saturates every frame, undermining what is arguably one of the most original voices in cinema, his films routinely raise profound theological questions."

Movieguide's critic calls it "a sad commentary on life in a universe without God and without hope."