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  • compiled by Jeffrey Overstreet Copyright Christianity Today International
  • 2006 1 Jan
from Film Forum, 08/31/06

Christian press film critics are warning viewers to stay away from Beerfest, a comedy about drunken fools that takes a very serious subject far too lightly. The film follows the beer-chugging adventures of some brazen idiots who attempt to win a guzzling championship against their German cousins. Even as it shows how much trouble beer drinkers can cause, it serves audiences far too much volatile material.

It is also, they say, a terrible movie.

David DiCerto (Catholic News Service) writes, "The number of brain cells destroyed by the characters in Beerfest is only surpassed by the number of brain cells wasted on watching it. … Sitting through it was like wearing burlap lederhosen. … The level of comedic writing makes the Cheech & Chong movies seem like Moliere by comparison."

Marcus Yoars (Plugged In) writes, "[D]on't bother trying to defend Beerfest by giving it any credit for using satirical hyperbole to create some sort of sad social commentary. The irony of one of the guys literally drowning in a beer cask is completely lost on audiences who are too busy gulping down the sheer joy this film takes in celebrating sloshdom."

Most mainstream critics agree that it "feels as if it was conceived, executed, edited and ultimately released by people in an advanced state of gassy inebriation … "