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  • compiled by Jeffrey Overstreet Copyright Christianity Today International
  • 2004 1 Jan
from Film Forum, 03/04/04

Eurotripa raunchy waste of time

The teen road-trip comedy Eurotrip is getting such bad reviews, it's not even worth summarizing.

David DiCerto (Catholic News Service) calls it "a relentlessly raunchy so-called comedy. Given the fact that the vulgarians behind Eurotrip are also responsible for such lowest-common-denominator fare as Road Trip and Old School, the puerile parade of debauchery that unfolds shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone." He adds, "The filmmaker shows a callous disregard for Catholic viewers. Since when did desecrating sacraments … become funny? Dreamworks executives should be ashamed of themselves."

Movieguide's critic says, "Eurotrip is more than just a teenage sex comedy following in the footsteps of the R-rated American Pie movies. It is also an explicitly sacrilegious, blasphemous, and anti-Christian, including anti-Catholic, work that directly attacks the Christian heritage of the United States. The movie not only makes fun of the death of the Roman Pope, it also contains an explicit nude sex scene in a confessional booth at the Vatican with a Cross on the wall. One of the main characters disdainfully says that he wants to travel to Europe to get away from the United States, which he says was founded by a bunch of 'prudes' who didn't like the immoral sexual lifestyle of the Europeans."

Most mainstream critics call the movie just another trashy waste of time.

Thus, it's surprising that the Christian-perspective Phantom Tollbooth says, "If you like a good laugh and do not mind this type of humor, then prepare to laugh long and hard, as Eurotrip is a trip well worth taking." Hmmm.