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How High

  • compiled by Jeffrey Overstreet Copyright Christianity Today International
  • 2002 1 Jan
How High
from Film Forum, 01/10/02

If you like films in which the characters positively revel in mischief and bad behavior, check out How High. It's a comedy about two African American men whose intelligence skyrockets when they start smoking a different kind of dope. When they get into Harvard, their stash is stolen, and they're left to fend for themselves with sub-par smarts.

The USCC's critic reports, "Vicious stereotypical characterizations, perverse mocking of American founding fathers, and a meandering plot with nary a laugh, make [this] vulgar film pure garbage."

Bob Waliszewski (Focus on the Family) calls How High "Cheech & Chong transported into the 21st century." He observes "dozens of pot-smoking scenes, sexual content galore, language that would make the proverbial sailor's ears bleed, and a destructive stereotypical depiction of African-American males as lazy, dope-smoking sex addicts. So you tell me. Should you let your family get High?"

That's probably enough coverage of that film for our purposes here.