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Iron Monkey

  • compiled by Jeffrey Overstreet Copyright Christianity Today International
  • 2001 1 Jan
Iron Monkey

from Film Forum, 10/18/01

If none of these fit the bill, perhaps you'll go for the superhuman antics of martial-arts combatants. Iron Monkey—a movie that has already been released on video—is making a late visit to theatres, capitalizing on the popularity of The Matrix and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It's a good-versus-evil comic book brought to life, sheer fantasy escapism. But are the heroes admirable? Or is this just sensationalized violence?

A reviewer at The Dove Foundation says Iron Monkey "combines elements of good and bad. Although battling corrupt leaders, the hero must hide his identity and break laws. Despite the more positive aspects of this story, the frequent battles and graphic violence make Iron Monkey hard to recommend."

And Movieguide's critic draws this grim conclusion: "As with all Kung Fu movies … the big caution, besides violence, is that it showcases great power without revealing the source of that power. Clearly, the source is a false religion, or a false god. Many of the Kung Fu participants end up betrayed or dead, and thus, there is no lasting victory. Such is the dark end of all whose life purpose is outside the realm of the One True God."

But the critic at USCC doesn't complain: "The action is fantastic with several amazing stunts, while the film is sprinkled with humor and slapstick which lend a lighthearted air to the proceedings."