Malibu's Most Wanted

compiled by Jeffrey Overstreet

from Film Forum, 04/24/03Critics apprehend Malibu's Most Wanted

A spoiled Caucasian kid from California finds his ambitions as a rap star shot down in Malibu's Most Wanted, a comedy that, according to religious press critics, is probably not what audiences wanted at all.

David DiCerto (Catholic News Service) calls it "a vapid jumble of mildly amusing comedy sketches … a misguided attempt to comment on the puzzling sociological phenomenon of silver-spoon youths' fascination with the subculture of gangsta rap. The film is little more than a catalogue of lewd ghetto cliché s that quickly grow stale." But he concludes, "The film, to its credit, does not glamorize the drugs and violence prevalent in other films dealing with the rap subculture."

Movieguide's critic calls the storyline "cute," but concludes, "The movie goes too far in imitating the gangster rap mentality, including some of its foul language and promiscuous sexual attitudes."

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