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Taliesin Jones

  • compiled by Jeffrey Overstreet Copyright Christianity Today International
  • 2002 1 Jan
Taliesin Jones
from Film Forum, 03/28/02

Taliesin Jones, playing in limited release, is getting a few mentions by Christian reviewers. (You'll find a synopsis at Hollywood Jesus.) The film presents us with another supernaturally gifted hero. When young Taliesin pursues a talent for piano playing, he discovers a mentor who teaches him other things as well, including the power of healing through prayer. Like Billy Elliott, the story becomes a young boy's quest to develop his talents in spite of his limits and his critics.

John Evans and Mary Draughon (Preview) write, "Much of the appeal of this story comes from its honest, straightforward investigation and commentary on the validity of God and divine healing. Both Christian and secular viewers will find Taliesin Jones immensely enlightening and thought-provoking as it explores many aspects of faith and belief."

A few mainstream critics were impressed, especially Melanie McFarland at The Seattle Times: "Faith can polarize people these days. To make a movie based not only on that subject but, more directly, on faith in God, can be a risk; few people go to the movies for a taste of evangelism. Considering all this, Taliesin Jones is a huge victory for its makers. They've created a film about a young man finding God that is accessible and touching to the marrow."