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Texas Rangers

  • compiled by Jeffrey Overstreet Copyright Christianity Today International
  • 2001 1 Jan
Texas Rangers

from Film Forum, 12/06/01

In the mood for a Western? Even though Texas Rangers stars James Van Der Beek of TV's Dawson's Creek, thestudio kept it hidden from critics until opening day, usually a sign of anticipating bad reviews. Sure enough, the movie was trampled by a herd of disgruntled critics as soon as it opened.

Critics in the religious media were, for the most part, unsatisfied. "It's too bad Texas Rangers fails to live up to the enormous potential found in its noble themes," says Lindy Beam (Focus on the Family). "Recent events have underscored the need to discern the difference between revenge and justice. This film could have been a timely discussion starter on this subject. Except that it's so … mediocre."

The USCC's review calls it terrible: "In between the many hangings, foolish dialogue and muddled machinations of the rambling plot, director Steve Miner feebly squeezes in the message that might does not make right."

John Adair (Preview) argues that without the foul language, Texas Rangers would be acceptable.

Douglas Downs (Christian Spotlight on the Movies) strongly recommends the film. "Director Steve Miner shows expert direction and vision," he writes, arguing that "the film is much better than Out Cold and Black Knight. There is practically no sex and almost no profanity."