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Ask Charlie - Artists Looking For Songs

  • 2000 1 Sep
Ask Charlie - Artists Looking For Songs

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Dear Charlie,

I am trying to get lists of artists who are looking for material who are signed to major labels. Where do these come from: the label, a publishing company? I have seen them but I was not in a position to ask where they come from at the time. I do not want to waste A&R's time, I know they are busy, besides the fact that I want to target my market.

Thank you for your help.
C.A./Uncle Eddie's Music

You're correct. The lists in question do exist. Record companies and publishing companies create them for in-house use with some limited distribution. For example, EMI Publishing sends a "who's looking" list to writers they have under contract, telling writers that various record companies are currently looking for songs for their artists. Publishers obtain this information from the record companies.

I would send a letter on your Uncle Eddie's Music letterhead to record companies of your choice requesting that your publishing company be added to their "who's looking" mailing list. I would also recommend reading John Braheny's informative article. You may also find some useful information by doing a search on Google of "record companies" then a search within the results by typing in: "looking for songs." I hope this is helpful.

{{Charlie Peacock}}

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