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Britney Spears - Song Clips & Descriptions

  • 2000 16 May
Britney Spears - Song Clips & Descriptions

Song Clips & Descriptions

Click to hear a clip from "Oops!I Did It Again"

Nearly a copycat version of her huge smash, "Baby One More Time," this hit is an admission of her flirting being misunderstood. She confesses to being not quite the angel he thinks her to be.

CONVERSATION STARTER: Is innocent flirting OK? Self-image issues: Is it possible to convey an image that might be different from how you see yourself?

Click to hear a clip from "Stronger"

On her last CD, she said "My loneliness is killing me" - but here she sings "My loneliness ain't killing me no more, I'm stronger." This sounds like her declaration of independence.

CONVERSATION STARTER: When is it alright to do things your own way? Is it OK to need another person, or to be needed?

Click to hear a clip from "Don't Go Knockin' On My Door"

She continues her declaration of independence here, but this time she's actually telling the guy to stay away!

CONVERSATION STARTER: What is a good way to end a dating relationship that might not be working?

Click to hear a clip from "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction"

This might make Mick Jagger roll over in his grave...wait a minute, he's still alive, isn't he?

CONVERSATION STARTER: Where would God like us to find satisfaction? Is it possible to feel satisfied while here on Earth?

Click to hear a clip from "Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know"

Written for Britney by Shania Twain and her husband, John "Mutt" Lange, this is a ballad that pleads for a guy to tell her that he's in love with her "all the way," instead of just telling her friends.

CONVERSATION STARTER: It's so easy to assume that people know how we feel. How can you tell someone that you really care about them? Is evaluating a person's body language, apart from the words they speak, a good way to develop a relationship?

Click to hear a clip from "What U See (Is What U Get)"

Great message song about being yourself. Her guy thinks she wears too much makeup, her dress is too tight - she responds: "You should never try to change me, I can be nobody else, and I like the way I am."

CONVERSATION STARTER: Why is it easy to think you have to change who you are to get people to like you?

Click to hear a clip from "Lucky"

Another great message song about how outside appearances don't always translate to what's inside. Perhaps semi-autobiographical, this song tells the story of a very successful actress who appears to have everything, but still cries at night when she's alone.

CONVERSATION STARTER: Is there anything you are trying to achieve, thinking it will make you happy or fulfilled? Can happiness come from your accomplishments? How have the trappings of success tempted you to achieve more in the eyes of the world?

Click to hear a clip from "One Kiss From You"

A mid-tempoed groove tune about a relationship with a boy whose kiss gives her strength, hope, and makes her whole. That's not too much to ask for in a relationship is it?

CONVERSATION STARTER: Is is possible to put too many expectations on another person? What are some healthy expectations you could put on a relationship?

Click to hear a clip from "Where Are You Now"

Sweet ballad about wanting to know where an old boyfriend is, what he's doing, where's his heart -- so she can finally let him go.

CONVERSATION STARTER: Is it OK to miss someone? How can you know if you're holding on too tightly to a relationship that has ended?

Click to hear a clip from "Can't Make You Love Me"

Sassy, upbeat, dance tune about having a crush on someone who won't return the love. She confesses, "I should be happy with the life I live, and the things I do, seems like I have it all." Still, her love remains unrequited.

CONVERSATION STARTER: Is it normal to have a crush on someone? How can you keep yourself from becoming too obssessed with someone you like?

Click to hear a clip from "When Your Eyes Say It"

Diane Warren-penned shuffling ballad about loving the way her boyfriend is loving her - especially when he says it with his eyes.

CONVERSATION STARTER: What are some healthy ways to communicate your feelings for another person?

Click to hear a clip from "Dear Diary"

Britney's first songwriting credit - an honest look from the pages of her diary about seeing a boy, and wondering if he noticed her.

CONVERSATION STARTER: Is God interested in hearing what goes on in your head? Do you believe that God knows you better than anyone in the world?

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