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Danelectro's 12 String

  • 2000 29 Feb
Danelectro's 12 String
by Joe Riggio, courtesy of {{Christian Musician}} Magazine

It seems that just about every way you turn these days, someone is trying to introduce the world to their new-fangled guitar. Crazy modifications and inventions are popping up everywhere. But once in a while, a company looks back and finds a forgotten artifact that was once a mainstay for many players.

The Danelectro team has done just that. Once again, they have dug up a gem from the past in their latest model. The 12 string is a classic instrument from the early days of rock that no other company has been able to offer the guitar market, at a price that also reminds us of the 60's.

There's no mistaking the classic Danelectro construction on this new model. Its body design is derived from the classic 59DC (Jimmy Page). The headstock is elongated to accommodate 12 sealed gear tuners. The spacing between them makes it very easy for fingers to get around. The greatest improvement on the "old school" Danelectro design is in a very well-crafted bridge. There are 12 adjustable saddles that make setting the intonation a breeze. Without this, 12 strings can be a tuning nightmare!

The unmistakable sound of the electric 12 string has been employed by many artists, ranging from The Beatles and the Byrds to Tom Petty and {{Phil Keaggy}}. The Dano 12 string captures all of these great tones with its two lipstick pickups, and it semi-hollow body. "Jangly" is the most overused term to describe this sound but in this case, it seems the most appropriate. Even fat-fingered pickers will find this 12 string easy to play. The neck width is slightly oversized, allowing a very comfortable distance between the 6 pairs of strings.

Once again, Danelectro has come up with an incredible instrument. I wasn't able to come up with any negative comments for this review. With a list price of $399, it must be one of the greatest guitar values of the '90s and beyond.

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