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Disciple in Concert

  • 1999 7 Jun
Disciple in Concert

"The Music Channel at is proud to host one of Christian Music's most aggressive musical & ministerial ensembles, Rugged Records' recording artist {{DISCIPLE}}! We hope you enjoy this archive of the concert.

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The performance features songs from {{Disciple}}'s new release "This Might Sting a Little" and includes a brief Q&A with band members Kevin Young (vocals, bass), Brad Noah (guitar), and Tim Barrett (drums).

Disciple's new album, This Might Sting A Little, features a seamless amalgamation of rap-core, melodic rock, screaming, singing, and hip-hop flavor which explodes with kinetic energy, zealous passion, and a clear cut message that cannot be ignored. The album's crisp sound, produced by Travis Wyrick, presents some of the best heavy guitar tones ever captured in the studio. Add to this the band's power-packed hard/soft song arrangements, which fuel the fires of pent-up emotions and release a musical fury with a knock out sonic punch.

{{Disciple}} features a completely modern sound that mixes gritty rap-core, melodic hard rock, and blistering heavy grooves for a sound that falls well in line with their huge general market counterparts, such as Limp Bizkit, Korn, and Rage Against The Machine.

Billboard Magazine touts the return to the mainstream of hard and metal music in a recent Billboard Spotlight (June 5, 1999 issue). While hard music has remained strong in the underground, it is now poised to regain the focus of modern music and culture. The street preachers of the '90s, Christian hard music bands have also remained alive and well outside of the mainstream, proclaiming the Gospel to the disenfranchised. {{Disciple}}'s screamin' vocals, punishing drums, and stinging lead guitar pound home the Gospel message with the same intensity of conviction and urgency as their counterparts. Formerly on the roster at Warner's Resound label, the band is excited to have emerged from that relationship into a new one with Rugged Records, known for their success with more independent-minded artists including such bands as {{Everybodyduck}}, {{Andrew Carlton}} & The Swing Doctors, and {{Nailed}}.

For {{Disciple}} singer Kevin Young, this cybercast is about one thing - Ministry! Young comments, "Whatever we can do to get the message of salvation to as many kids as possible, we want to do it. For Disciple, saving souls is the first priority, and this opportunity is awesome!"

by Scott A. Shuford for The Music Channel at


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