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Electro-Voice Sx-500

  • 1998 31 Aug
Electro-Voice Sx-500
by Keith Mohr, courtesy of %%Christian Musician%%

Well, it looks like the folks from Electro-Voice have another winner on their hands. They released the latest in their new System 2000 series of speakers late in 1997, and let me tell you, they pack quite a punch for their size. The Sx-500 was made for the touring artist who needs to cover a large area, but can't carry a tractor trailer with them wherever they go! Set up two of these babies on either side of you, put them on some Ultimate Support TS-33 tripod stands, power them with about 500 watts, and you'll be ready to blow out little old ladies ears in the front row! Actually, the Sx-500 speakers were designed to not cause any bleeding eardrums in the front row. The guys at Electro-Voice figured if they designed a cabinet which could "throw" the sound from the circumference of the speaker instead of slamming it from the center, it would enable you to push the speaker harder, and thus make your sound louder. The 15 inch two way system delivers.

They do sound great. We fired up these guys and pushed some {{dcTalk}} at about 130 db, and had people running to our sound room trying to see where the stacks were! They are that impressive. And to top it all off, they only weigh in at 69 pounds. Not a bad pound per decibel ratio!

Also, the R&D at Electro-Voice developed a new technical buzzword called Ring Mode Decoupling, which means they refined the design of the cabinet to eliminate those "troublesome" resonances that bother other cabinet manufacturers. Hmm... Sounds good to me! The Sx-500's can be biamped, which means that you can run the high end and the low end with separate amplifiers, which will increase the sonic capabilities of the speakers. They are made of high impact plastic that provides great protection for those late load-outs, and keeps the weight bearable.

Electro-Voice also provides a special jack called a Nuetrik connector, which enables you to lock the speaker cable to the input. Ever had a speaker plug yanked out by a kid in the middle of your concert. Praise the Lord! They can be put on tripod stands, hung from trussing, or put up on chairs! They have a frequency range of 60-20,000 Hz with 43 Hz usable bass response. The Sx-500 handles 400 watts continuous, and 1,600 watts short term, so go out and knock down the house! The Sx-500 retail list price is just $832.00 each, but I bet if you look around, you'll get them for less!