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  • 1998 31 Dec
Prayer is an interesting concept. Its the act of talking with God about our everyday lives--our hopes, fears, successes and failures. Sometimes its difficult to imagine that the creator of the universe could be interested in what we have to say, and even more difficult to swallow that by simply crying out we can command the attention of the one who authored everything. It seems too easy and maybe that is why we make it so hard.

The idea that God listens to our prayers is not a new idea. But sometimes it is easier to believe that he listens more closely when our hands are folded, when were kneeling beside our bed having our daily half-hour of quiet time. Author Brennan Manning in his book, The Ragamuffin Gospel, illustrates how untrue that is. He presents an image of Abba, a loving father who delights in His children. Its an incredible reminder that we are cared for not only by an all-powerful creator but a generous father as well. A little child, Manning says, cannot do a bad coloring: nor can a child of God do bad prayer. A father is delighted when his little one, leaving off her toys and friends, runs to him and climbs into his arms. As he holds his little one, he cares little whether the child is looking around, her attention flitting from one thing to another, or just settling down to sleep. Essentially the child is choosing to be with her father, confident of the love, the care, the security that is hers in those arms. When we pray our thoughts might be elsewhere, we can be easily distracted, we might even fall asleep; but if we choose to be with our Father that is enough for Him, shocking as that is. He wants us, distractions and all.

How blessed we are to be loved like that. And what an incredible freedom, to know that our God does not ask for perfection, only that we choose to come to him, to allow him to enter into our mundane existence. I hope that my song, Every Word You Say, is a reminder of this concept... to know that even when things are not perfect and we have so many thoughts floating around in our heads that we dont know where to start to enter into Gods presence, he hears us and delights in us.

Yes, I am here
You dont have to speak so loud
I hear every word you say
Stop trying so hard
Youll wear yourself out
I hang on every word you say.

~~Erin O'Donnell from "Every Word You Say"

Erin O'Donnell is a songwriter and an artist for Cadence Communications. She has had five Top Ten singles from her two projects and has toured extensively with NewSong and Susan Ashton. Her latest album is entitled Scratching The Surface and includes the song, "Every Word You Say". You can learn more about Erin and her music by clicking here.