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"Escape" - Music Review

  • 2003 30 Apr
"Escape" - Music Review

Artist:    Sabio
Label:    Mata Productions

The third indie EP from pop/rock quartet Sabio owes as much to American singer/songwriters like Tom Petty as it does to the power-pop of yesteryear. With “Control” leaning toward Coldplay’s moody, balladic restlessness, “Dreamers of the Day”, “Meaning of My Life” and “Money Makers” sound punchier. The lightweight production is deceptive; there’s more here than meets the ears.

Singer Aaron Frith wears his heart on his sleeve on the eight songs that explore the dreamer’s life in a world that’s “frozen.”

Sabio’s tuneful pop offers up songs celebrating a haven where God’s not out of reach.

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