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FFH's Brian Smith has Great Expectations for Valentine's Day

  • Janet Chismar Contributor
  • 2003 14 Feb
FFH's Brian Smith has Great Expectations for Valentine's Day

Brian and Allyson Smith: Need to finish transcribing The first thing I wanted to start with is how you met.


Brian: We actually met in high school. She was a freshman and I was a senior. We were both in the musical that our high school was doing – South Pacific. But was had actually met … we were in marching band together. I was getting ready to go to my prom and because my girlfriend at the time was a senior at another school, she couldn’t go. My best friend at the time was dating Allyson’s sister and he was going to the prom also, and taking Allyson’s sister. And I just thought I want to hang out with him and have a good time so I’ll just take Allyson along because it will be fun, we’ll have a good time and we could hang out together. I didn’t really know her either but I thought well, the four of us will just hang out together and my girlfriend will be okay because Allyson is just a freshman. So I asked her to go and that’s how it all started.


Then my girlfriend found out about it. She didn’t like it too much, so she broke up with me.  It was kind of a weird thing. Through the musical, I thought, well I am taking her to the prom, I better get to know her. So, we started hanging out.

Our first date, we went to Burger King. Allyson thinks it was a setup. Actually it was supposed to be a group of people going after musical practice, but just the two of us showed up. After you saw each other, when you first looked at her, or Allyson, when you first looked at Brian, what drew you guys together? What did you like about each other?