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Gary Chapman - 3

  • 1999 8 Nov
Gary Chapman - 3

The Third Tuesday
We Talk About Church

OK. Now we're moving into territory that could be controversial. Good.

MS: What do you think is the best way to have a positive church experience?
GC: I think everyone should go to church. There is no substitution for my personal on-going conversation with God. And there's no better way to keep that in perspective than to be consistently meeting with people who are attempting to do the same thing.
MS: Yes! Isn't it amazing, though, how many churches are filled with people who aren't trying to do that!
GC: Yeah. It's not a club, although it can certainly feel like it occasionally. The obvious downside to church for me is the reason for the song "Outside." It's very easy to insulate yourself with this big Christian cushion, and be cut off from the realities of why Christ wants to live in us and affect those around us in the first place. So, I hang out with a lot of really sinful people.
MS: That's awesome!
GC: I actually do! I have a lot of Christian friends who are near and dear, that I pray with and encourage, and they do the same for me. But also, for whatever reason, God has me in a pretty broad cross-section of terms of how they do or don't relate to Him.

MS: Did that affect how you made this record? Did you go in and say, "I want to make a record for these people...or for these people"?
GC: I don't know if it's the correct approach or not. I don't claim that I am doing it right. But I don't do either one. I make records for me. I figure if it doesn't move me, then there's really little or no chance that it's going to move you. So I record things that I believe, things that I can be passionate about. And then I just trust God to take it to the ears that need to hear it.
MS: Phew...that's good.
GC: I don't know if it's good...I'm not selling very many records!
MS: I think it's good because people who maybe don't understand Christianity can look at what you've done and say, "That's sincere" and "That's real," and they can respect that.
GC: I do have that.

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