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Gary Chapman - 4

  • 1999 8 Nov
Gary Chapman - 4

The Fourth Tuesday
We Talk About Family

I'm pulling my boots up a little higher. This river's probably deep.

MS: Family. Most fulfilling thing or most frustrating thing?
GC: Yes.
MS: Next topic.
GC: The most fulfilling thing in my life is my kids. Nothing even gets close, on a human level. And obviously the most frustrating thing for me has been my marriage. It continues to be frustrating.

MS: How about your parents? I know you're close...
GC: My mom and dad live on the farm here with me, my brother lives two miles away, my sister lives two miles the other direction, and we're all incredibly close.
MS: I would assume that family has taken on a different meaning...
GC: Oh wow... You know the Scripture about how a man should leave his mother and father and cleave to his wife. You don't really see what that means until your wife stops cleaving. Oh my... To have them there for judgment...has been a really wonderful thing. And many times it's just a matter of them crying with me, literally. But that's enough, and it's great.

MS: This might sound crazy... But I almost want to pray for experiences that will take me to a deeper level...
GC: NO YOU DON'T! STOP! RUN AWAY! No...don't pray them, they'll happen anyway.
MS: That's a good point. Although there's somewhat of a Mother Teresa, or a Benedictine monk kind of thinking in there...
GC: It has been an amazing experience to allow God to show me the good in a really bad situation. I never wanted to be divorced, still don't want to be divorced, but I am. The places that He is revealing in me, and the comfort that I am finding, the value that I now see in my family and my close friends, has been amazing. I have always squeezed a moment for all it had in it, I thought. But I squeeze them a little harder now.


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