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Gary Chapman - 7

  • 1999 8 Nov
Gary Chapman - 7

The Seventh Tuesday
We Talk About Ambition

I have to admitthis one is a little selfish. I'd love to get Gary's advice on this dilemma that I face on a daily basis.

MS: Can a Christian be ambitious? Or is our command to be submissive?
GC: I believe our command is to be submissive to God's call. The depth of the passion you feel for whatever call He's placed on your life can easily transition into ambition. Walking that line of living with passion but not being absorbed by self-ambition is a real key to fulfilling whatever call God has placed on your life.

MS: Now I have to ask. How the heck do you do that?
GC: I don't think you can do that if you assume a position of receiving glory and take it to heart. That doesn't mean you can't receive a compliment. It doesn't mean you can't enjoy being appreciated. But if you actually start assuming glory, you will cross that line.
MS: When you say "assuming glory" is that the same as "pursuing glory"?
GC: No, I think it will pursue you. I don't think you have to chase it. I haven't.
MS: Really? Do you mean that?
GC: Yeah. I feel like I spend more time dodging it than I do chasing it.
MS: Has it always been that way?
GC: You know, it has, actually. I was that little boy wonder who sang and played guitar. "Gosh, he's just SO funny." No...I've never felt like I had to chase it at all.

MS: What did you wish people would've said instead of "He was just SO funny"?
GC: Look at those abs.
MS: Holy cow.
GC: I don't think that I think about it that much. I enjoy them saying, "Gosh, he's so funny." People that know me well know that there's a lot more there, I hope. The people that have allowed themselves to be affected by my presence on the planet are pretty clearly divided into two groups at this point: People who have seen me on the television, and if they like me they think, "What a nice young man, he's kind of funny"; and then there are people who have over the years bought records (albeit a significantly smaller number) who think, "Wow, he's deep." I've actually had a lot of people over the past two or three years ask me if I have heard of {{Gary Chapman}} the singer. Of course, I tell them "No, I have no clue who you're talking about." They just can't put it together that it's the same guy. I'm a man without a niche.
MS: Actually, you're a man with several niches.
GC: I'm genre-free.
MS: People can't understand when people have more than one niche.
GC: It does turn into a marketing nightmare. It's true!

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