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Gateway Offers Praise Mix to Wake Up the World

  • 2008 21 Mar
Gateway Offers Praise Mix to <i>Wake Up the World</i>

Artist:  Gateway Worship
Title:  Wake Up the World
Label:  Integrity Music

They’re new to me, but Integrity Music's Gateway Worship presents on their sophomore disc a nice mix of praise tracks, offering a fresh feel and covering a broad base of worship moments. From the thundering rock of “New Doxology Anthem” to the gentle closing ballad “Beautiful,” the worship band handles the gamut of worship experiences with ease.
Glimmering guitars and a strong clear vocal front opener “New Doxology,” before moving into uplifting atmospheric praise. The guitar-driven energy continues to build on the reinforcing “New Doxology Anthem,” thick with riffs, and lashing down pop-rocker “The Lord Reigns.” Things slow down as the band moves into the melodic “God of My Days,” more luminous guitars and a female vocal adding texture to the airy track. The same vocal comes across as powerfully sincere on tender ballad “You Are Good,” but I enjoyed her most as she moved into free-flowing worship on the string-heavy ballad “We Cry Out.”
A strength of these songs is their lyrical focus. Intensely vertical, “When I Speak Your Name,” exalting the name of Christ, positively drips with worship. The energy kicks back up with pop-rocker “We’ll Make It Loud,” its praise strictly vertical through frenetic percussion and lashing guitar riffs. The slammin’ title track lays out the mission of the band and their commitment toward heaven. The disc closes out quietly with the gentle “Beautiful” and the piano-driven “Call Your Name,” the soft vocal and worshipful lyrics creating a warm sense of intimacy, a perfect wind-down for a strong worship project.

Wake Up The World is one of the stronger congregational praise projects so far this year, offering a nice mix of worship approaches.

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