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GMA Diary - Monday, April 17 Page 2

  • 2000 18 Apr
GMA Diary - Monday, April 17 Page 2
by Barry Smades for the Music Channel at

Word Entertainment and Word Distribution led off with the product presentations this year and their presentation included {{Steve Taylor}} taking someone out of the audience to interview him about the new "Roaring Lambs" project from Squint Entertainment.

Talking about the project which was inspired by author Bob Briner (pictured) who inspired many in the Christian music industry before his passing last summer, Taylor called Briner "Squint's Patron Saint" as he helped Steve lay out the plans for Squint and was involved in this project prior to his homegoing. Taylor said that Briner taught him that Christianity must be put ahead of business.

Briner's philosophy was simple but difficult - Christians must take the message of Christ into the world around them and be "roaring lambs" in the world.

The new project includes {{Sixpence None The Richer}}, the return to recording by Taylor and {{PFR}}, a duet from {{Michael W. Smith}} and {{Steven Curtis Chapman}} and many others who have reached into their world with Christ's Good News. "Roaring Lambs" arrives on May 30th and it will be filled of challenges for each of us.

We were reminded that two key releases - Bishop {{McClendon}}'s "Shout Hallelujah" and Nicole C. {{Mullen}}'s self-titled project that will put some pop in your step - arrive for listeners on Tuesday April 18th.

New projects highlighted in the seminar (with release date) included: One: A Record of Unity (July 18th), Salvador (June 20th), newcomer Rachael Lampa (August 1st), Wayne Kirkpatrick (May 18th), {{Watermark}} (June 20th), {{Crystal Lewis}} (May 2nd), {{Skypark}} (May 16th), {{Jaci Velasquez}}'s Crystal Clear (September 5th), Kelli Williams' In The Myx (July 4th).

Other tidbits of news coming out of the session include: WoW Christmas will arrive this fall Christy Nockles of Watermark is expecting the duo's first child this summer (and it showed.) The creation of a new label - Word Artisan - and its first artist is a true artisan: {{Phil Keaggy}}. The guitar virtuoso will debut the label with his Latin guitar project. {{Sixpence None The Richer}} will have a new project this fall {{Crystal Lewis}} will also be doing a Christmas project for the upcoming holiday season.

Word's commitment to children was evident, as two new video series will debut - Threads and 3-2-1 Penguins. Threads is from Everland Entertainment and will feature 3-D animation that is very unique while the Penguins are the newest videos from Big Idea Productions - originators of Bob, Larry and the {{Veggie Tales}} gang. The story of Esther will arrive from Veggie Tales this fall prior to the debut of the Penguins. In the uniqueness of the Veggie gang, the story will be told in will be told in "1920's Gangster Overtone."

That's the word from Big Idea CEO Phil Vischer, who added it will be the best VeggieTales ever done by Big Idea. Phil also informed the group that there will be new VeggieTales merchandise coming from new agreements with Fisher-Price and Hallmark. "There will even be Larry Boy pajamas," he said with a smile.

Artists performing throughout the presentation included new Myrrh artist Mark Schultz, Rachael Lampa, Watermark, Phil Keaggy and closed with a praise session led by {{Darlene Zschech}}.

The first radio/retail luncheon of the year was the "New Artists Luncheon" featuring Metro One's Dicky Ochoa, Pamplin's new band Solomon's Wish (their debut project hits shelves today,) Reunion's {{Shine MK}} and Plus One, the new David Foster created group from Atlantic Records.

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