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Heather Miller Journal Continued!

  • 2000 10 Jul
Heather Miller Journal Continued!
After the excitement of writing with Michael Tait, Pete Stewart, and John Mandeville (to name a few,) I was ready to begin the process of recording my album. We recorded a lot of my album in Pete's basement. We called it "The Cave." It wasn't all glamour and Hollywood, but I liked recording there. It was the one place we all felt relaxed and comfortable.

Here's me closed off in the sound booth. I liked it because nobody could see me dancing and getting down!

The photo shoot was next. I loved playing dress up as a kid and that's what it reminded me of. I was excited to work with photographer, Chip Powell; he does great work and is well known in his profession. I absolutely love my hair and make up stylist, Michealle Vanderpool. I wish she could fix my hair everyday.

Here is Michealle fixing my hair and make up for the photo shoot!

This is Chip (my photographer) and I goofing off before the start of the photo shoot.

After we all picked out the pictures we liked from the photo shoot, we gave them to Mark Neubauer, the graphic designer. Album packaging is an important element of the record making process. It gives off an aura of the artist's personality and sound. A week or so later, Mark came to KMG with a couple versions of the album cover for us to choose from. Instantly, we all agreed on one. I'm really happy with the outcome of my packaging.

So then, my CD was off to be printed and manufactured. It was time for me to start promoting the CD to the public. The best way to do that is to get out there and play. KMG Records arranged for me to go on a radio promo tour with Flicker recording artist, Riley Armstrong. We set off to promote our new singles. I played live for the first time on radio in Springfield, IL at WIBI.

Here we are at WIBI with their staff. Left to right: Mike Meier (Intern and Part-time announcer), Josh Uecker (Production Director and Afternoon Drive Announcer), Colleen Weir (Public Relations Director and Midday Announcer), Chris Chubb (Assistant Operations Director and Overnight Announcer), Lori Walden (Part-time Announcer and Host of "The Audio Alternative"), Paul Anthony (Program Director and Morning Show Co-host), me, Deena Brown (Underwriting Director), Riley Armstrong, Kristin Roberts (Promotions Director and Evening Announcer).

My first single is, "We Will See Him." It's a song of celebration about the coming of Jesus and the joys that day will bring. I must say, we learned a lot about the "radio industry" on the radio promo tour. Did you know that radio programmers get about 40 songs at a time and can only add one a week--if that? Unbelievable! Listen to my current single and see if you like it.

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