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Hip-Hop For The Masses! Pt. 2

  • 2000 14 Jul
Hip-Hop For The Masses! Pt. 2
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Special Report - cont.

Several Christian record labels have risked it and will soon reap the rewards and will gain the confidence needed to continue signing Christian Hip-hop artists. Take a look at the success of Gotee Records with {{Grits}}, {{Knowdaverbs}}, {{DJ Maj}} and {{John Reuben}}! It works if it is done properly by people who are in touch with the culture like those at Gotee Records. Essential Records has done well with their new Hip-hop artist {{KJ-52}}. Watch out for LA Symphony coming this fall from Steve Taylor led Squint Entertainment! LA Symphony has a large existing fan base and has plugged in some of the biggest secular producers to ensure the best album possible.

You can also see labels such as SGR Records in the south, Shabache Entertainment, Grapetree Records which caters to the gangsta style rap fans, Forefront which put out a strong compilation CD called ==Coalition - the Hip Hop Alliance==, Syntax Records out of San Diego, Rescue Records, Seventh Street Records and the Cross Movement, Sphere of Hip Hop with industry vets like Future Shock and Peace 586, Uprokrecords and the Tooth & Nail/BEC camp round out those in the Hip-hop business. It is time for these to become larger as well as for others to begin sprouting up.

Quality, innovation and originality is the key issue. Nobody wants to hear a copycat group of another already well-known artist. It is time to raise the bar and be guilty of only one thing, putting out the best music that has the ability to entertain and to also challenge people to make a decision about Christ! A song lyric from an older Future Shock song states, "Go out into the world and show them My character, for this is their last chance to grasp eternity!" This is very true.

Hip-hop has been given a bad rap, pardon the unintended pun, by society and the media.

It is time to flee from the fear that Hip-hop gives to many people, particularly those older who may not exactly understand it. Much like anything, God has given us this very ripe opportunity to impact the urban community with only the best we can bring in the form of Hip-hop music! Hip-hop can and will sell if some of the labels out there are willing to only put out the best we have to offer. We need to be conscious of being culturally relevant and be careful to hit people with music that they can relate to. Urban areas and minorities in general would respond mostly to Hip-hop music, it is the music of their culture.

Kids will buy what you feed them. Right at the moment most kids are buying artists like Dr Dre and Eminem. While they are both good "musically", their messages are less than wholesome. Why shouldn't they be listening to groups like Cross Movement (, Mars ILL (, Mark J (, Future Shock (, Grits ( and others? There needs to be a "visible" alternative, then people will begin to think twice about buying the brand new Eminem CD and pick up the new Grits.

Want more information? A few great places to start are the websites that are available to you. Check out Sphere of Hip Hop (, Hip-hop Zone (, and OneMind Magazine ( Each website provides a different slant on Christian Hip-hop and you will find many links to nearly every existing Christian Hip-hop website and also MP3 pages to listen to music.

"Hip-Hop For The Masses!"
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