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Inside The Music - Way You've Shown Me How

  • 1999 22 Nov
Inside The Music - Way You've Shown Me How
While you read this article, click here to hear "The Way You've Shown Me How" taken from the latest project by Gary Chapman - "Outside."

I can't recall everything that was happening the day I met with Tim Akers and he handed me a cassette containing the music that brought the lyrics of this song to life. Although, I do remember being in a place of uncertainty regarding some personal problems I was having with another individual. I had been dealing with some unresolved hurt, anger and hostility towards this particular person and was trying to figure out how to handle my feelings.

During the course of my meeting with Tim about us writing this song together, this thorn in my side was pushed to the back of my mind - although it was still under the surface. I congratulated Tim on his brilliant musical composition and promised that I would do my best to marry an appropriate lyric with his melody. The words that Tim's chord-filled tapestry inspired could easily be interpreted as a simple prayer

As I stand before you, Father
There's one question that I have
How can you love such a sinner
For you surely know my past

As I kneel before you, Father
Your forgiveness fills my heart
And I see you waiting for me
Where the light defeats the dark

And I'm humbled by
The mere thought that I
Could be worth something
To someone like you

As I pray before you, Father
I can only hope that now
I might one day truly learn to
Love the way you've shown me how

Help me one day truly learn to
Love the way you've shown me how

Rolling Akers Music/ASCAP
Power Of Three Music/ASCAP

There's no question that my interpersonal conflicts went right into the heart of this song spiritually. The lyrics were a glaring reminder of how God had loved me and forgiven me in spite of my sinful nature and human imperfections. It became obvious to me through the process of writing these tender and heart-felt words that I could do no less towards this person, whom I was not loving and forgiving, if I truly loved God and desired to be loved and forgiven myself.

I was moved to tears when I had finished

In many ways this song has had a very profound affect on me and many other people who have heard it performed by several artists. Regi Stone recorded it on his first project One Step Closer that Tim Akers produced. Another friend performed it at our church (Bellevue Community Church) and as a part of his "A Won Man Show" musical play. Most recently {{Gary Chapman}} recorded the song and placed it on his current project ==Outside==. Tim and I have performed the song separately on several occasions for friends and family, in a church setting and at writer's nights here in Nashville.

We have seen it move and change the hearts of those in need. People respond to such a reflective song that speaks of God's love for us and the personal call in our individual lives to love the way He has shown us how.

My deepest desire for this song is to have it reach as many people as possible. Not so much for any personal gain or notoriety but to hopefully touch more hearts with this hymn-like, honest and revealing message that gently suggests love is its own reward. Because to love with the love of God is to be more like Christ, our Lord and Savior. That is a lofty goal but one that I believe we can ultimately reach if we learn from His perfect example.

In His Spirit,
Chuck Leonard

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