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It's gospel but is it Gospel? - Inspirational Author Iyanla Vanzant's In The Meantime CD

  • 1999 2 Nov
It's gospel but is it Gospel?  - Inspirational Author Iyanla Vanzant's In The Meantime CD
Many know Iyanla Vanzant for her authorship and sensational ability to reach women of color at the very core of their existence. Iyanla Vanzant has now made her scope more inclusive. Her appeal now, thanks to Oprah Winfrey, speaks to all persons. She's done so by pulling, in a non-obtrusive manner, on the common strings woven in the fabric of hurting, impassioned and idealistic romantics. That's not to say that all who follow her ministry and are in search of inner purpose and peace are limited to the aforementioned characteristics, it's just that her words play melodiously upon those ears in particular.

Ms. Vanzant has secured the favor of Raina Bundy, General Manager of Harmony Records and a few other highly visible names in the Gospel and secular music industry to record a Gospel CD "In the Meantime". Some of the names include Howard Hewitt, {{Donnie McClurkin}}, Montell Jordan, Faith Evans, {{Yolanda Adams}}, Maxi Priest, Nancey Jackson, {{Angelo & Veronica}}, Kelly Price, Monifah, Tulani Kinard and Terry Bradford.

Now the first question on many minds in the Body of Christ is, "Is this really a GOSPEL CD or is it just another secular entity trying to infiltrate the sacred desk of an institution that we hold very near and dear to us? Just because the gospel music label under the prestigious umbrella of Sony Music puts out a product, should we run out and buy it?"

Upon it's arrival a few short weeks ago, Billboard Magazine (one of the most well respected music publications) ranked Ms. Vanzant's CD "In the Meantime" at #1 on their Top Gospel Albums Sales Chart which is "compiled from a national sample of retail store, mass merchant and internet sales reports collected, compiled and provided by SoundScan." At the time of this writing it has dropped to number two, however the fact remains it surpassed all other artists of note in the gospel arena.

Before we delve into this further let me explain to you the concept behind the title "In the Meantime." Ms. Vanzant includes a 24 page booklet with her CD, somewhat of a guide through a building process in one's upward climb in healing and preparation for greatness. Ms. Vanzant compares it to the different floors in a house, from basement to the attic. Before and during some of the songs, Ms. Vanzant speaks a narrative with some original material and some like Yolanda Adams "Just a Prayer Away" used by permission. An example of Ms. Vanzant's narrative reads, "There will come a time when you realize where you are is not where you want to be. When you know that nothing is wrong, but it just feels like something isn't quite right. That time, that place, that experience, we're calling that, In The Meantime." This provides you with an idea of what the CD sounds like and what her followers were already expecting.

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