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Kate Brasher -- New CBS Drama Comes To Saturday Night

  • 2001 23 Feb
Kate Brasher -- New CBS Drama Comes To Saturday Night
Review: Kate Brasher

This new show for CBS is a complex one. There is no simple formula for this drama. It is the story of a single mom who is trying her hardest to bring up her two teenage sons without the aid of their father, and trying to do it with an eye on their future, while struggling to survive in the present.

This show is more like real life than most would like to admit. It mixes faith with foolishness (for example, her method of finding guidance from Scripture is to close her eyes and point at a verse). It mixes hard times with the joy of living. It addresses the need for children to have parents who are around, while showing how difficult that can be, especially for single parents trying to get by.

Mary Stuart Masterson is perfect for this part. With her delicate appearance and fiery acting, she truly becomes Kate Brasher. It is nice to see a woman portrayed as being strong, but not invulnerable or masculine. A woman who is not frail, but someone to be contended with because she is of value.

The show has the potential to become a very "political," which could be either good or bad, depending on whether it is used to address real social issues within our country or used to push a given agenda. It also has the potential to become sappy.

Hopefully it won't become either, but will remain what it started out to be -- refreshingly honest, and straight from the heart.

By Rochelle Alberti