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Kelly Minter Praises Smitty's Worship Event

  • 2001 7 Jun
Kelly Minter Praises Smitty's Worship Event
By Kelly Minter

I cannot tell you how often I have been in conversations regarding the perceived demise and corruption of the Contemporary Christian Music industry. I would no longer need to be working as an artist if I simply had a quarter for every time I heard something to the effect of, "this industry is solely driven by the bottom-line," "the record companies are merely following the world's standards," "artists are only in it for their own glory," and so the accusations have gone ... Yes, there are some shoes here that fit, and yes, the CCM industry is a flawed structure that is full of imperfect humans, myself included. However, I want to remove the cynic's hat for a moment, and give you a "behind-the-scenes" peek at a remarkable evening that contradicts the notion that there is nothing sacred left in our industry.

Last weekend I had the privilege of joining several fellow artists for a night of worship at the Carpenter's Home Church in Lakeland, Fla. Michael W. Smith spearheaded the event after feeling led to record a live night of worship against the backdrop of a choir comprised primarily of artists. Everyone from legends such as Amy Grant, to staples such as Greg Long, to talented newcomers such as Shawn Groves become part of a remarkable-sounding group of people who would have otherwise been heard as soloists. It was not the voices, however, nor the names that made this day feel like a milestone for our industry, but rather it was the hearts.

I wish you all could have witnessed the fellowship, prayers, and charges that were spoken backstage. Scripture was shared, knees were bowed, tears were shed at the wonder of what it meant for people of different races, styles and ages to simply gather to lift up the name of Jesus Christ. It was a sweet moment to watch Michael W. Smith reach out to congratulate Jeremy of PlusOne for turning 19 that day, as if in some symbolic way a baton was being passed. It was meaningful to speak with Gerron Davis, the author of Holy Ground, and wonder if I will ever write a song of even half that magnitude. It was touching to see Ginny Owens being led across the stage with Erin O'Donnell to the sound of 8,000 enthused fans. To hear the Out Of Eden sisters testify of how meaningful it was for them to participate in a night of nothing but worship. To clasp hands in prayer with those whom I have looked up to for years and years, while aspiring to be an artist myself. In short, it was a room full of people who fall daily, but whose posture of heart is to honor God with their talents.

For those of you who were not able to be there, I can only hope that the essence and spirit of the evening were captured on tape. I believe you will be blessed. For those of you who are committed to praying for the artists and industry of Nashville, I want to personally extend my gratitude and relay to you specifically that God is bringing about change in the hearts of many as an answer to your prayers. And, lastly, for those of you who have been left with little more than a sour taste in your mouth as a result of our industry, I hope I have added a bit of honey to your palate. Though there will always be the nagging thorns and snares of our business, it would be awfully remiss for any of us to overlook the roses. As a brand-new artist, grateful to be here, and not yet jaded, I could not help but share this one with you today.

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