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LrclAsasin Dove Industry Comments

  • 2000 9 Feb
LrclAsasin Dove Industry Comments
from "LrclAsasin":
rec'd 1/31 @ 10:30pm

>>Any artists or projects that you'd really like to see win? What do you like about the Dove Awards show/process?<<

i'd like to see some real actual rap/hip-hop artists win the "rap/hip-hop" award. (not dance. dance and rap have nothing to do w/ each other.)

>>What surprised you, if anything? How much does being nominated or winning a Dove Award matter to an artist's career?<<

well, i got a huge shock when carman won "best rap song" or something and a couple years ago when worldwide message tribe won best rap/hip-hop song and album. that was sorry. there were some good ACTUAL rap/hip-hop nominees. adding that "dance" to the "rap/hip-hop" is a huge mistake. i almost think that rap/hip-hop shouldn't be included in the awards.

>>Is the system political at all? How would you like to see the Dove Awards show changed? How has the Dove Award situation improved/changed in recent years? Anything else you can think of... <<

maybe not political, but commercial. always a popularity contest (notice i'm still on the rap/hip-hop/"dance" thing). and why was raze nominated? shouldn't they be like pop music?

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