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Michael Card Finds Shelter in God's Faithfulness

  • 2000 8 Nov
Michael Card Finds Shelter in God's Faithfulness
Hope in Christ is the most wonderful present weve ever been offered, and, just in time for Christmas, {{Michael Card}} has released his new album, ==Soul Anchor==, that speaks mightily of that hope. This album takes listeners through an intimate journey through Hebrews, with verses from this book following each of the 10 song titles.

After listening to this album, you will come away with assurance that when you run the race with God, Hell never leave your side and will always help you, strengthening you along the way. Michael will remind you that God is all you need, an especially encouraging message in the hard days we face.

With a beautiful beat and inspiring sound, youll be amazed at how power-packed and moving the words are, as well. Its truly a great combination with Gods touch made very evident.

In songs, such as Never Will I Leave You, Soul Anchor and Grace Be With You All, you will be challenged to trust God to do His perfect will in your life and to place your hope in Him. For instance, Soul Anchor (the song) begins, Though the wind is raging all around, And even though the waves may rise, Theres a place of stillness in the storm, And you can find it if you will believe, Its a soul anchor, Hold on to the hope.

Dan Haseltine of {{Jars of Clay}} joins Michael in the awesome song, By Faith, to produce a rich blend of harmony and talent. In this song we are reminded of the amazing faith we find in God and how He blesses us through our faith if we persevere and "long for His embrace."

For additional encouragement, you can grab your Bible to look up and read the awesome Bible verses that accompany each song. Youll find ==Soul Anchor== a perfect addition to your music collection and will want to pull it out whether times are turbulent or smooth.

-- By Olivia J. Johnson