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New Album, Label and Sound for The Swift

  • 2006 17 Nov
New Album, Label and Sound for The Swift

Artist:  The Swift
Title:  "Singing Back to You"
Label:  Rocketown Records

Gratitude is often lost in our world. We have so much to be thankful for in life (if not simply for life itself), and yet we tend to spend more time complaining about things that we don't have.

We're not alone though as this human condition was also revealed after Jesus healed ten lepers. After they were healed only one of them took the time to return to Jesus and thank Him for healing him. We should be more prone to following Job's example of being thankful in all circumstances than that of the nine lepers who didn't even say thanks.

Pop group, The Swift returns to the scene with a new label in Rocketown Records, a new album in "Singing Back to You," and in many regards, a new sound. The message, however, remains the same. The group's focus is clearly on worshipping God and giving Him praise for all that He's done. "Love Song" leads off the album with a spirit of gratitude while, tracks like the Matt Redman cover, "Nothing But the Blood," and "Your Name" explain the healing power of God. "Make You Known" expresses the band's desire to keep the focus on God while "What the World Will Never Take" details the stability available when we place our trust in eternal values rather than material possessions. The album closes nicely with "At the Feet of Jesus," which explains the appropriate posture of worship and servitude.

While the basic structure of pop music still appears to be in place, the touch of piano that has been a clear defining element to the band's sound is absent from the bulk of the album. Also missing from the equation, save for a few moments, is the lively upbeat tempo that initially caught listener's attention on the debut release. "Singing Back to You" does feel like a natural extension of the group's sophomore release, "Today," given the worshipful tone, but it is quite disappointing that over half of the songs were penned from outside the band – certainly not a stat to be expected from a group's third album.

Though "Singing Back to You" does have a lot to offer to fans of modern worship music, good melodies, and solid vocals, the album also lacks much of the charm that The Swift has shown themselves capable of pouring into their music. Fans of the group who stuck around after the sophomore release will probably enjoy it as it's not too far of a cry stylistically from "Today." Mellow, worshipful, and enjoyable, the album offers the band a fresh new start.

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