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One to Watch: Warren Barfield

  • 2003 8 Sep
One to Watch:  Warren Barfield

He may be a sweet Southern boy with an acoustic guitar, but please don’t mistake him for a Bebo Norman copycat. Warren Barfield is truly distinct. Citing such unexpected musical heroes as Tracy Chapman and Seal, this soulful singer/songwriter hails from a place where “pig-calling” is the annual pastime and being a preacher’s kid isn’t quite as challenging as you might think.

CCM:  Why is your hometown called “The Hollering Capital of the World”?

Warren:  I’m from Spivey’s Corner, North Carolina. I have always said it is “The Hollering Capital of the World,” but when I was home recently, I looked at the sign, and we’re actually “The Hollering Capital of the Universe”! We’re pretty sure there are no people who can holler as loud as we can.

CCM: What are the benefits of being from such a place?

Warren:  They have a big carnival at the high school where they hold a hollering contest. (I’ve never entered, mind you.) It’s not about the loudest holler but the one that’s the most unique. Every year, the winner gets to be on the “David Letterman Show.”

CCM:  Who has inspired you the most?

Warren:  My parents. They are devout Christians, and my dad is a preacher. They’ve made sacrifices in order to live a life that says, “What we have on earth isn’t everything we have.” What a great example that was to me.

CCM:  What words of wisdom can you give to young, aspiring musicians?

Warren:  When I was 15 I knew that music was what I’m designed to do, but I kept my mouth shut. I thought if I told people, “One day I’m going to work with Brown Bannister,” they’d say I was an idiot. Some kid might be reading this, thinking it’s not possible, so I want him or her to know that it is. God is faithful to finish what He starts in us.


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