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Ones to Watch: Soul P.

  • 2007 13 Feb
Ones to Watch:  Soul P.

Rapper and hip-hop artist Soul P. has had the kind of life that would make a hit Hollywood film. He grew up on the streets of Seattle and had a tough home life. He fought his way through and, at age 17, found himself in a church amazed to hear people rapping about the love of God. He gave his life to Christ and began a career as a hip-hop artist.

Soul P.’s first national project, "The Premiere" (Beatmart), was produced by Todd Collins (GRITS, KJ-52) and hit stores earlier this winter. Read more about Soul P’s powerful music and testimony at: and

Paul:  I read your testimony. Life was hard for you. How has it made you view your own role as a parent?

Soul P.:  I view my role as a parent as something that will play a big part in my children being successful in life – knowing that they have me as a valid support system for them no matter what happens in life. I want to be always available for them, someone they can trust. I just can’t imagine not being with them as they grow up. My son saved my life, so I can’t help but give him as much love as I possibly can by the grace of God.

Paul:  What lyric on your new record feels the most powerful when you do it live?

Soul P.:  A few bars from the last song on the album, “All I Want”: A bottle full of sins, that I sent out to sea/With a message full of hope came back to me/As I opened up my past/I seen a letter full of light/That said Christ died for me/And when He did, I came alive.

Paul:  You have a song “Do My Thang.” What is the thing you feel God has given you to do? 

Soul P.:  To speak honesty through my music and share experiences through the music that everybody can relate with – with Christ’s love being the message and the answer for a lot of people that are hurting, including me.

Paul:  If you could open for a mainstream rap/hip-hop artist on a tour, who would it be and why? 

Soul P.:  Well, as far as Christian music, I know he’s not a “rap/hip-hop” artist, but tobyMac, ’cause he sells out spots and his live show is crazy and I know I would have a good time. And, in the general market right now, it would have to be Jay-Z. I know it would be a real live show – plus, in front of all those people, give me 20 minutes, and I’m’a make it happen. And, again, I know all of the shows would be real live. 

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