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Positivity Reigns Supreme on 1 Girl Nation’s Debut

  • Christa Banister Contributing Writer
  • 2013 10 Sep
Positivity Reigns Supreme on 1 Girl Nation’s Debut

Artist: 1 Girl Nation
Title: 1 Girl Nation
Label: Reunion

As former teen queen Miley Cyrus continues to grab headlines for all the wrong reasons and Lady Gaga experiments with even stranger stunts on the eve of her latest album’s release, it’s a particularly refreshing change of pace to hear about a new ‘tween-friendly group that’s brimming with nothing but positive energy.

And while I graduated from the group’s target demographic a while ago, trust me, it’s still not easy to get 1 Girl Nation’s songs out of your head. Yes, the music is, indeed, that catchy. Basically, anyone who’s a sucker for a great pop hook will find plenty to like about 1 Girl Nation’s self-titled debut.

Like New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, Plus One and One Direction before them, 1 Girl Nation is a randomly selected set of performers who sound pretty fantastic together. But what differentiates them from your average pop act is what they’re singing about.

Instead of focusing their attention exclusively on cute boys or pushing the proverbial envelope by being needlessly over-sexualized, 1 Girl Nation is refreshingly counter-cultural. Whether they’re addressing how God views us on “In the Eyes,” the call to love the everyone, even society’s outcasts in “1 Girl Nation” or the importance of making wise life decisions in the vibrant opening track “While We’re Young,” they give listeners plenty of relevant food for thought along with those insatiable hooks.

No doubt, there are moments that are a bit cringe-worthy, whether it’s the ill-advised rap bridge in “Count Your Rainbows” or the lazy turns of ultra-clichéd phrase that plague “Live For You.” But for the most part, 1 Girl Nation gives young listeners and their parents something they can agree on, namely songs with top-notch production quality that fly in the face of their mainstream counterparts, especially from a values standpoint.

*This Review First Published 9/10/2013