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Acoustic Psalms From the Two Shanes

  • 2002 1 May
Acoustic <I>Psalms</I> From the Two Shanes
Shane Barnard and Shane Everett
Inpop Records

When the two Shanes get together with their guitar-based scripture songs, watch out! Shane Barnard and Shane Everett sing their hearts out to Jesus on Psalms, a disc full of lyrics delving deeper than most songs you'll hear on the radio these days.

Hey, when you base several songs on scripture (including Psalms 13, 118 and 145), it's hard to go wrong in bringing people into worship and inspiring them to know God more.

Campus ministry leaders at Texas A&M University, the two Shanes bring their coffeehouse-style approach to Psalms. Standout songs include the upbeat Unto You (All I want to do is exalt you, lift you high, please you, make you smile) and Job 19, which proclaims over and over, "My redeemer lives."

The two Shanes do not break new musical ground on Psalms. Their voices lack distinction; sometimes it's hard to tell them apart. That said, Psalms is still a heartfelt acoustic project from two seemingly humble guys, with some nifty percussion to keep it interesting. If you are a fan of Scott Krippayne, Caedmon's Call or Jars of Clay, chances are you'll enjoy the two Shanes.