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Charmaine Finds Her Voice on All About Jesus

  • 2002 17 May
Charmaine Finds Her Voice on <I>All About Jesus</I>
Album: All About Jesus
Artist: Charmaine
In a Phrase: New artist Charmaine tests her worship "wings" on her debut Elevate Records release.
Scheduled Street Date: August 13, 2002

Inpop Records' new imprint, Elevate Records (headed by David Smallbone and home to Fusebox and Rivertribe), introduces new worship artist, Charmaine, who broke into CCM by singing backup for Rebecca St. James on her last tour. That caught the attention of Smallbone, which led to Charmaine's worship recording, All About Jesus.

And that's what it is all about: Jesus. Using some worship choruses that listeners might not know is a good move for Charmaine. At least she's not using Breathe and Above All. Hey, I love those songs, but how many artists are going to record them before the buying public gets bored?

Charmaine's tried and true modern worship sound makes this record an OK listen. Songs that already have made it big, like All in All, Hungry and All About You, mix with new tracks I Love You Lord and Acceptable, making for a healthy blend.

The music is vibrant, with a little techno, but not so much that you think you're in a dance club. Her voice is nice, too, although it sounds similar to St. James' voice.

Charmaine's vision is to use this record to lead her generation in worship, and it should do just that.

My final word. . .

Is introducing a new worship artist and release that doesn't sound that much different from other projects a good thing for Elevate? With a promising artist like Charmaine, it could be. But that's still up to you, the consumer.

Until Next Time. . .
The J Man